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Blue Hole & Barrier Reef Air Tour

Don’t let the divers have all the fun!  See the beauty and wonder of the world’s second largest Barrier Reef and the famous Great Blue Hole from the sky aboard a Tropic Air Cessna Caravan.  This one-hour tour takes you flying over the Caribbean Sea to enjoy some of the most beautiful sites in the world from a bird’s eye view.  Sit back and enjoy as you are shown Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, The Blue Hole, and Half Moon Caye.  You may be able to spot a shark or ray from the comfort and safety of your seat.

Blue Hole:
The Blue Hole is situated about 80km east of Belize City and is close to Lighthouse Reef.  Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, the Blue Hole is now a protected natural monument.  From the air, you can see the depth of the water (135m) through the change in color from turquoise to deep azure blue.  This is a spectacular photo opportunity, something you cannot see from the ground.  Caves underlie the entire reef and make for some of the most amazing sights from the sky.

Barrier Reef:
This is the world’s second largest barrier reef.  From the air you will see the wrecks of several ships that have been marooned on the reef.  Flying over Half Moon Caye you can see the lighthouse built in 1820 and may even be lucky enough to see the booby birds.  Here a total of 98 different species of birds have been recorded.  Your tour returns to San Pedro via the Southern Turneffe Islands and up along the main Reef passing over the main islands of northern Belize.

  • #172 plane – $530.00USD – takes 3 passengers
  • Airvan – $909.00USD – takes 7 passengers
  • Caravan- $1941.00USD – takes 11 passengers.