Kayaking & Aerial Trek (Full Day)


Want to kayak through the cascading falls and breath-taking scenery on the tropical rivers of Belize?  Carve through these class two, three, and four rapids.  Parrots, parakeets, flycatchers, cormorants, herons, ducks, iguanas and kingfishers are just some of the river life you are sure to encounter along the way – not to mention a vast array of bromeliads (air plants), orchids, epiphytic cactuses and more.

On the second part of this tour, you get to feel like the king or queen of the jungle by sliding yourself through the rainforest hooked up with cables.  Soar from 50 to 90 feet in the air as you slide 65 to 70 ft distances from one platform to the other.  In this lush jungle setting, home to over 500 species of birds, you’ll experience a rush comparable to that of the grandest amusement park rides.  But, you’re in the heart of mother nature.

Guided by a professional and experienced team, you’ll be zipping through the air, high in the jungle canopy, ending with an awesome 80 foot rappel back to the rain forest floor.


*Includes: Round trip by boat, full guided tour, entrance fees, tax, and lunch.   Departs at 7:00am and returns at 5:30pm.   Additional US $25.00 per person for travel by plane.

Minimum of 2 people to confirm.

Ambergris Caye Tarpon Fishing (Half/Full Day)


You haven’t fished for tarpon until you’ve done it in Belize, specifically in the waters of Ambergris Caye.  With a consistently plentiful population of tarpon, fishing for them is ideal all year round.

Enjoy a half or full day of picture perfect fishing, as our guides take you through the Caribbean and the lagoon side of the island.  You may find Savannah Flats, a famed spot for tarpon fishing – one you will definitely want to ask your guide about.  Waters are three to eight feet deep, and most reel in tarpon ranging from 50-100 pounds.

Includes: fishing gear, water, and soft drinks.

Maximum 2 persons.  Four hours for half day; 8 hours for full day.

Canoeing Barton Creek Cave (Full Day)


Near St. Ignacio in the Cayo District is the world famous Barton Creek Cave.  Paddle your canoe along an ancient Mayan waterway and through Barton Creek Cave, one of the largest caves in the world estimated at more than 4.5 miles long and up to 100 feet high.

Enjoy the sights as you pass between stalactites, while your guide points out ancient Mayan artifacts, including skulls of victims of sacrifice. This Belize cave is a world-class attraction, especially with its high ceilings, unique rock flows, and cathedral chambers.

You may have walked through a cave, but here in Belize, the more adventurous can explore one of the largest caves in the world in a canoe.

*Includes: Round trip by boat, full guided tour, entrance fees, tax, and lunch.   Departs at 7:00am and returns at 5:30pm.  Bring hiking shoes or sandals.  Additional US $25.00 per person for travel by plane.

Jungle River Kayaking & Baboon Sanctuary (Full Day)


Have you have kayaked through the rivers of a tropical jungle?  How about seeing a howler monkey up close and personal?

Take a tour starting with a boat trip from San Pedro to the mainland of Belize, where you will begin a kayaking expedition through Belizean jungle rivers.  On an inflatable kayak, you will carve your way through class two, three, and four rapids and cascading falls.  All the while, you will enjoy breath-taking scenery, including parrots, parakeets, flycatchers, cormorants, herons, ducks, iguanas and kingfishers – not to mention a vast array of bromeliads (air plants), orchids, epiphytic cactuses and more.   


Then you will head to Bermuda Landing, also known as the Baboon Sanctuary.  This is the home of the howler monkey.  Howler monkey families watch as you travel up river through the savannah while iguanas, known locally as bamboo chicken, sun themselves along the river.  View monkeys, iguanas, birds, and crocodiles up close and personal on this river adventure.  You can even greet the howler monkeys with a hand shake or a mild caress.


*Includes: Round trip by boat, full guided tour, entrance fees, tax, and lunch.   Departs at 7:00am and returns at 5:30pm.   Additional US $25.00 per person for travel by plane.

Minimum of 2 people to confirm.

Deep Sea Fishing (Half Day/Full Day)


Want one of those pictures with you holding a fish as tall as you?  Go Deep Sea Fishing in our Caribbean Seas and catch yourself a Wahoo, Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish or maybe even a King Fish.

Aboard our 41’ boat with cabin, bathroom, kitchen, and fighting chairs, you will have all you need for full fishing adventure.  Our guides will also serve lunch on board while you wrestle fish and enjoy the Caribbean scenery.

Your captain will take you outside of the reef, catching the perfect wave to ride into the large swells of the Caribbean Sea.  Soon you will reach a location where the depth finder reads 300 feet, and then you are ready for deep sea fishing.

After reeling in enough fish for lunch or dinner, you will head back to San Pedro.  On the way back, you can slice up your catch for the freshest sashimi, ten minutes fresh, dipped into wasabi and soy sauce over ice.  Then, when you arrive back at Banana Beach, our chefs at El Divino Restaurant can prepare your catch however you wish, usually with a little coconut rice and local sides.

Maximum 6 persons

Included: Lunch, ice, water, sodas, tackle, and equipment.

Kite Surfing & Courses


Ready for lift off?

Belize boasts wind speeds of 15 to 25 knots throughout the year and is hailed a “flatwater paradise”, with the Great Barrier reef that lines its coast (a powerful natural wave breaker).

Add to this the warm waters of the Caribbean and shallow beaches, Belize is a kite surfer’s paradise.

Kite surfing, as you may know, is a water sport involving the use of wind to pull a rider across a body of water on a small surfboard.  It’s a sport that has, for good reason you’ll soon find out, virtually taken over water recreation areas of the world’s most popular beaches.

Yet, the sparsely populated waters of Belize means beginners can focus on the basics of kite surfing, while experienced kite surfers have the enviable experience of owning the sea.

Through Monkey Business Tour Shoppe, you can find the Kite Surfing service that best fits your beginner, intermediate or advanced adrenaline needs.

Kite Control is a 2.5 hour session for both beginners and the experienced. This program covers equipment review, safety, rigging, kite deployment, flying practice, landing and launching.

Board Control also a 2.5 hour session providing flying review and body dragging training.

For beginners, all training is conducted in knee deep water just inside the reef to ensure your complete safety and confidence.  Those at an intermediate level are free to opt for assisted launches outside the reef.

A chase boat is considered an integral part of the lesson and is provided at no extra charge. Your instructor is PASA certified.

Beginner and intermediate kite surfing lessons are designed to assist you in learning as quickly and safely as possible.

Supervised Rentals are a great choice for advanced surfers.  These 2 hour packages include launches from various locations up and down the coast of Ambergris Caye.  The truly adventurous take this opportunity to hop the islands.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (Full Day)


From the reef to the rainforest, your day begins with a flight over to the mainland where breakfast will be served, and then you will travel down the Western Highway and off through a feeder road at Teakettle Village, entering the rich jungle. There, you will gear up for a 45 minute jungle hike through the dense subtropical forest.  Along the way, you will most likely run into some of Belize’s amazing wildlife such as Tapir (the Belize national animal), Howler Monkey, Silky Anteater, and White Tail Deer just to name a few.

And then you reach the entrance of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM).


When you arrive at base camp, which is used by the BVAR Archaeological Group, lunch will be served followed by a briefing on the cave. After gearing up with professional cave helmets, lights and water proof bags, you will explore this ancient cave.  Dive into the cave’s entrance and swim through the refreshing and crystal clear cave water into passages filled with jaw-dropping formations.  Guides will educate you about Cave Geology, Mayan Rituals and Ceremonies, and even explore the remnants left and evidence of their activities from centuries ago.  You may discover sacred Mayan fossils, and you just may scream, like you’re living an Indiana Jones movie.


Warning!  This tour is not for children afraid of the dark!


Remember to bring a change of clothes, water shoes, bug repellent, socks and camera are recommended.


Trip includes: Flights, breakfast, guides, lunch , park fees, water, sodas and beer.

2 person minimum.

Diving Turneffe Atoll South Elbow (Full Day)


Experience the ultimate in wall diving!  The “Elbow” at the southern most tip of the Atoll is where this diving trip begins.  Turneffe is one of three atolls (rings of coral reefs and coral islands that encircle a shallow lagoon) in Belize, and Belize has three of only four atolls in the western hemisphere.

The currents here supply a natural concentration of food which accounts for the huge numbers of fish and other marine life found here, also some of the largest gorgonians (sea fans) to be found anywhere.  The current provides a spectacular back drop to the explosion of marine life encountered as you drift along this unique dive site.

Your second dive is Billy Bob’s.  The formations here have created many exciting canyons, tunnels, and swim-throughs.  This area is heavily populated with the many reef fish that inhabit this part of the Caribbean and is well known for its spotted eagle rays and large grouper.

Lunch time is spent basking in the sun and enjoying a delightful picnic before embarking on your third dive.

Next stop – Myrtle’s Turtles – so called because of a large green turtle named Myrtle that appears here almost every spring.  Myrtle’s Turtle features a wall of coral that shelters a fantastic variety of tropical fish and invertebrates.  The growth of deep-water lace coral is especially impressive on coral ridges near the wall. Elegant stands of these deep red soft corals can lend both color and form to the foreground of wide-angle compositions. A little seaward and above the reef, schools of Spanish mackerels, horseeye jacks, cubera snappers and permits commonly feed in midwater. Also present may be small schools of eagle rays, creole mackerels and tuna.

Min. 8 persons

Aerial Trek & Cave Tubing (Full Day)


Enjoy a true bird’s eye view and fly through a tropical jungle!  Soar 65 to 70 feet from platform to platform at heights varying from 50 to 90 feet!  Aerial trekking through these rain forests offers views of Belizean wildlife you can’t get from the ground.  See birds, monkeys, and tropical plant life as you fly past.

Then you are off for cave tubing.  Upon arrival at the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve, you will be equipped with inner tube, life vest, and head lamp.  You then hike down a trail to the river’s edge.  Your guide will brief you along the way, as you go on a very pleasant and comfortable hike through this pristine broad-leaf rain forest.  At the entrance of the cave, your guide once again briefs you and down stream you go, sitting quite comfortably on your inner tube.  Inside the caves, you will see stalagmites, stalactites and occasionally get a quick sighting of harmless fruit or fish bats.  At the exit of the cave, there’s a delightful down-river float in the open air, through mild rapids, past colorful rain forest and limestone cliffs.

At last, at the end of your cave tubing adventure, dry off and head back to San Pedro with a lovely boat ride back through the Caribbean.


Entrance fee $5.00 not included

Minimum 2 persons

Horseback Riding & Cave Tubing (Full Day)


For adventurous people of all ages, the day begins as you take a cruise from San Pedro by boat towards the mainland and up the Belize River.  As you enjoy the early morning sights and sounds on the river, you will be served a light breakfast.  Once at Manatee Lookout,  a private bus will take you along the Western Highway to Banana Bank Lodge, which has the largest equestrian ranch in the country.  Here you will get to ride on horseback through the jungle and along the Mopan River.

Originating in Guatamala, the Mopan inhabits populations of parrots, parakeets, flycatchers, cormorants, herons, ducks, and iguanas.  Kingfishers can be spotted along the banks and in the air, and a vast array of bromeliads (air plants), orchids, and epiphytic cactuses accent the wildlife diversity.

After the horseback ride, there will be a thirty minute nature walk where you will get to see a variety of tropical birds, spider monkeys, and Tica the Jaguar.

Then you will head to Jaguar Paw Resort by bus.  At Jaguar Paw, you will have a delightful lunch of local fare.  Then it is time to change into your bathing suit and head up the trail to Mouth of the Caves.  Here you will put on a head lamp and splash into the cool, refreshing waters of the River in an individual inner tube.  Then you begin your float through the cave systems once inhabited by the ancient Mayan people.  Once back at Jaguar Paw, you can change back into dry clothes before we begin the return trip to San Pedro.

This trip includes breakfast, lunch, beer, sodas, rum punch, water, and snacks.

Minimum 8 persons

By plane: additional $25.00 US per person plus cab fare.

$5.00 Us entrance fee is not included.