Banana Beach

Deep Sea Fishing (Half Day/Full Day)

Want one of those pictures with you holding a fish as tall as you?  Go Deep Sea Fishing in our Caribbean Seas and catch yourself a Wahoo, Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish or maybe even a King Fish.

Aboard our 41’ boat with cabin, bathroom, kitchen, and fighting chairs, you will have all you need for full fishing adventure.  Our guides will also serve lunch on board while you wrestle fish and enjoy the Caribbean scenery.

Your captain will take you outside of the reef, catching the perfect wave to ride into the large swells of the Caribbean Sea.  Soon you will reach a location where the depth finder reads 300 feet, and then you are ready for deep sea fishing.

After reeling in enough fish for lunch or dinner, you will head back to San Pedro.  On the way back, you can slice up your catch for the freshest sashimi, ten minutes fresh, dipped into wasabi and soy sauce over ice.  Then, when you arrive back at Banana Beach, our chefs at El Divino Restaurant can prepare your catch however you wish, usually with a little coconut rice and local sides.

Maximum 6 persons

Included: Lunch, ice, water, sodas, tackle, and equipment.