Banana Beach

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (Full Day)

From the reef to the rainforest, your day begins with a flight over to the mainland where breakfast will be served, and then you will travel down the Western Highway and off through a feeder road at Teakettle Village, entering the rich jungle. There, you will gear up for a 45 minute jungle hike through the dense subtropical forest.  Along the way, you will most likely run into some of Belize’s amazing wildlife such as Tapir (the Belize national animal), Howler Monkey, Silky Anteater, and White Tail Deer just to name a few.

And then you reach the entrance of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM).


When you arrive at base camp, which is used by the BVAR Archaeological Group, lunch will be served followed by a briefing on the cave. After gearing up with professional cave helmets, lights and water proof bags, you will explore this ancient cave.  Dive into the cave’s entrance and swim through the refreshing and crystal clear cave water into passages filled with jaw-dropping formations.  Guides will educate you about Cave Geology, Mayan Rituals and Ceremonies, and even explore the remnants left and evidence of their activities from centuries ago.  You may discover sacred Mayan fossils, and you just may scream, like you’re living an Indiana Jones movie.


Warning!  This tour is not for children afraid of the dark!


Remember to bring a change of clothes, water shoes, bug repellent, socks and camera are recommended.


Trip includes: Flights, breakfast, guides, lunch , park fees, water, sodas and beer.

2 person minimum.