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Ready for lift off?

Belize boasts wind speeds of 15 to 25 knots throughout the year and is hailed a “flatwater paradise”, with the Great Barrier reef that lines its coast (a powerful natural wave breaker).

Add to this the warm waters of the Caribbean and shallow beaches, Belize is a kite surfer’s paradise.

Kite surfing, as you may know, is a water sport involving the use of wind to pull a rider across a body of water on a small surfboard.  It’s a sport that has, for good reason you’ll soon find out, virtually taken over water recreation areas of the world’s most popular beaches.

Yet, the sparsely populated waters of Belize means beginners can focus on the basics of kite surfing, while experienced kite surfers have the enviable experience of owning the sea.

Through Monkey Business Tour Shoppe, you can find the Kite Surfing service that best fits your beginner, intermediate or advanced adrenaline needs.

Kite Control is a 2.5 hour session for both beginners and the experienced. This program covers equipment review, safety, rigging, kite deployment, flying practice, landing and launching.

Board Control also a 2.5 hour session providing flying review and body dragging training.

For beginners, all training is conducted in knee deep water just inside the reef to ensure your complete safety and confidence.  Those at an intermediate level are free to opt for assisted launches outside the reef.

A chase boat is considered an integral part of the lesson and is provided at no extra charge. Your instructor is PASA certified.

Beginner and intermediate kite surfing lessons are designed to assist you in learning as quickly and safely as possible.

Supervised Rentals are a great choice for advanced surfers.  These 2 hour packages include launches from various locations up and down the coast of Ambergris Caye.  The truly adventurous take this opportunity to hop the islands.