Banana Beach

Robles Point Snorkel Paradise & Beach Barbecue

Basil Jones, Robles Point, Mexico Rocks

This day is a snorkeling dream come true…

You begin the day as you head north to the more secluded part of Ambergris Caye. Your first stop will be the Basil Jones cut for snorkeling. Next you will head on to Robles Point where we stop at our own private piece of paradise. This spot is spectacular because Robles Point is where the Reef begins to meet land. From the beaches at Robles Point you can snorkel out to the Reef amid coral head and tropical fish.

After you have worked up a healthy appetite snorkeling, basking in the sun or exploring the deserted beaches you will get to feast on great Beach BBQ that has been prepared by your boat captain. After the lunch stretch out on the beach or in one of our hammocks, sip a cool drink and enjoy the fabulous view.

Finally as we head back towards San Pedro will make one more amazing snorkel stop at Mexico Rocks. This is a delightful day unlike any other….

Six miles north of San Pedro Town, you will find one of the most beautiful snorkel sites known as Mexico Rocks.  Unlike many of the snorkeling spots in Belize that are right on the barrier reef, Mexico Rocks is a star coral patch that is located in the shallow waters midway between the great barrier reef and the island of Ambergris Caye.

Mexico Rocks is known for many conch, banded shrimps, arrow crab, grunts, yellow tail snappers, and an assortment of Butterfly and Angelfish.  The site is protected from ocean swells and currents, so it makes for easier snorkeling, perfect for beginners.  Depth is only about 6 to 12 feet, so you can see everything up close. Water visibility in this area of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea is about 50 feet or more.

Includes:  Beach BBQ (fish, pasta salad, coconut rice and more), beer, sodas, rum punch, water and snacks.

Minimum: 6 persons

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